The long, lonely road of leadership and notoriety isn’t easy. The Gideon Knox Group has for years taken on celebrities who are dishonest or disqualified from public service, and on many occasions, taken on their publicicists. In battling publicists and public relations experts who are paid to rebuild the reputations of figures who have squandered their public trust, we have learned intimately how they operate. This puts us into a unique position to help those who are facing unfair criticism, whether by a ‘woke’ social justice mob, angry political opponents, or outrage culture. We have experienced all of these things as our publications have been blacklisted and boycotted dozens of times. Learn from our mistakes and our successes, and we will help you navigate these waters seamlessly.


The Gideon Knox group has worked political campaigns since we were teenagers. We know how to win elections. We can consult you on how to start a campaign and how to finish one. We will take through the process from start to finish (or even midway if your start was rough). From settling on a campaign theme, deciding upon your talking points, writing your campaign speeches, creating your website, designing your signage, to helping you target your opponent’s ideological weaknesses, we get results.


This has always been our specialty. No one has accomplished more with less than the Gideon Knox Group. From a single laptop in a small town on the Montana prairie to a worldwide media enterprise, we have already done what you want to do. Lots of “coaches” can give advice, but we have lived it, done it, and additionally – can do it blindfolded with one hand tied behind our back.

Through targeted strategies, we can consult you on how to make a “blog” into a media game-changer, how to turn a small podcast into a discussion-starter, and how to have significantly more influence per dime and minute spent than mainstream media. While we can’t make you the New York Times, we can make you the thing the New York Times talks about. We’ll show you how to take things you care about and make others care about them. And nobody has our level of experience at that.


Do you want to turn your community upside down? Do you want to change public perception of an important issue? Do you want to ideologically purify your denomination, civics group, or organization? Do you want promote a Christian or conservative worldiew in a world that is increasingly hostile to it? We are the resistance. And we will give you the best consulting known to man to make that happen.

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