Are we affordable? We are not cheap, but you will not be paying us for cheap advice. We only offer top-shelf consulting gained from our own experiences of already having done what you want to do.

However, you will find that every dime spent receiving the best consulting will not cost you money. It will save you money and it will make you money.

We do not charge by the hour, but by contract. Different, agreed-upon contracts will provide a different level of consulting, ranging from 24-7 phone access to the Gideon Knox Group to intensive in-person support. Depending upon your needs, a contract will be created after a phone consult to discuss how exactly we can help you and what services we will perform.

Trust us when we say that no matter your needs, we will get you closer to success than you could ever get by yourself and will do so in a way that is financially manageable should we choose to take you on as a client.

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