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Do you hate those ads, pop-ups, and unwanted videos at from Gideon Knox websites like Protestia, Pulpit & Pen, and Montana Daily Gazette?

So do we! We hate those things. Unfortunately, we’re not not on George Soros’ donatioin list (like The Gospel Coalition or the Daily Montanan), and we have bills to pay as a premier online publising company. And so, we’ve provided three portals to give directly to Gideon Knox wesbites, avoid all ads, and get free stuff.

OPTION 1 – The Insurgency newsletter. For only $6 a month, you’ll get 50 banned news links a day plus original Gideon Knox articles (like from Protestia or MDG) sent directly to your email inbox. No ads. You can subscibe by clicking the link below for $7 per month of $70 per year.

Option 2 – Joining us via Patreon. If you’re into theology, subscribe to Pulpit & Pen’s Patreon here. If you’re into Montana Gazette news, subscribe to MDG’s Patreon page here. Not only will you get free stuff as a patron, but you’ll be subscribed to ‘The Insurgency’ as soon as you email and ask her to subscribe you. You’ll subscription will last as long as you keep your patreon pledge. This is your best deal, because it saves you a buck and is only $5.95 per month, gets you full access to JD’s podasts, and other exclusive rewards.

Option 3 – Subscribe on Giving Fuel for $7 per month or more, and you’ll be added to ‘The Insurgency’ ad-free version of Gideon Knox Group original content for free so long as your monthly commitments keep coming.

By the way, you can also give one a one-time gift here if you’re feeling generous.

All of the above optioins are aasy to do with your credit card and you can cancel at any time.

However, if you would like to support the Fellowship Baptist Church Religious Liberty Fund, which works with Gideon Knox Group and other truth-tellers and Christ proclaimers, you can do so at the link below through the old-fashioned method of sending a check.

This giving amount helps support what Gideon Knox Group does (as it pertains to religious liberty) but does not earn you any rewards or an Insurgency subscription. It’s just for true believers that want to help out when fascists want to sue them (and ohter groups) for this or that. It is, howver, tax-deductible (unlike Patreon and The Insurgency directly).

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