Responding to the Big Tech lobbyists opposing the protection of Montanans against censorship, pertaining to HB587, HB597, and HB573 On Wednesday, February 24, the Energy, Technology, and Federal Relations Committee, chaired by Rep. Derek Skees, heard arguments for and against HB587 and HB597. These bills, sponsored by Rep. Lola Sheldon-Galloway, aim to protect Montanans againstContinue reading “BIG TECH CENSORSHIP FAQs”

Sen. Hertz’s SB199 is Necessary to Establish Montana’s Food Security

One of the better bills to go through the Montana Legislature this session is Senate Bill 199, sponsored by Senator Greg Hertz. The bill will help secure Montana’s food supply, assist farmers and ranchers, and help the public obtain access to healthy, locally-sourced food.

Rep. Noland’s HB406 is Necessary to Secure Montana’s Election Integrity

Mark Noland (R-HD10) is sponsoring legislation that’s pivotally important to ensure the integrity of Montana’s election process and deserves the support of the state legislature HB406, appropriately named (coincidentally) with Montana’s area code, is well-suited for the Big Sky State.

Legacy Press Lawsuit is Activist Attempt to Overturn Legislation

The Big Sky Public Policy Institute, a division of the Gideon Knox Group publishing organization, strongly repudiates the activist lawsuit of Montana press outlets against Rep. Barry Usher (R-HD40). One of Gideon Knox Group’s publications, the Montana Daily Gazette, is the #1 press outlet in Montana (by readership), surpassing that of the Billings Gazette, Missoulian,Continue reading “Legacy Press Lawsuit is Activist Attempt to Overturn Legislation”

HB257 Is One of the Best Bills of 2021 Legislative Session

Few bills are more necessary than HB257, sponsored by Rep. Jedediah Hinkle (R-HD32). It might be, in the estimation of Big Sky Public Policy Institute, one of the best bills of the 2021 Legislative Session. The bill, which you can find here, is entitled, “An Act Generally Revising Laws Related to Prohibiting Actions that ImpedeContinue reading “HB257 Is One of the Best Bills of 2021 Legislative Session”