About the Gideon Knox Group

The Gideon Knox Group is a collaboration headed up by JD Hall of Sidney, Montana. Hall has for more than a decade surrounded himself with a winning team of writers, publicicists, grass-roots activists, web-gurus and technology experts who have allowed him to have a towering influence in alternative media.

Hall’s work in publishing began in 2010 with his website, Pulpit & Pen, which grew into the third-largest Christian publication in the United States. His messages and sermons have been heard by millions around the world. His podcast, Polemics Report, remains popular on the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network, where he serves on the Board of Directors. Hall is a leading figure in the field of Christian polemics and the counter-cult movement. He remains the only figure in Christian polemics in the world with paid staff and sustainable regular financial contributions.

JD Hall coined the phrase ‘Evangelical Dark Web,’ a movement of grassroots conservatives fighting for the heart and soul of evangelicalism and peaked the interest of a CIA Counter-Terrorism Expert at Patrick Henry College as a test-case for how to create an “insurgency meant to combat perceived liberalism.”

Hall’s work has been chronicled in Christianity Today, Relavant Magazine, Maxim Magazine, the UK Daily Mail, the Today Show, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Newsweek, and many others. His website has broken #1 news stories for daily news cycles across the globe.

From Pulpit & Pen, Hall has launched many other publications and enterprises, including the Montana Daily Gazette. This publication was pivotal in winning key victories for the candidates it endorsed and its clients (you can read more about that here). He is a paid consultant for political candidates and a grass-roots strategizer that can’t be beaten.

Hall’s group of longterm, faithful employees and partners who have worked with him in these various projects have joined him in establishing the Gideon Knox Group, which exists to assist people and causes we believe in with the same kind of tenacity that made our previous operations an incredible success.

If we work for you, we will help craft your message, understand the public, swing your election, and start-up or improve your alternative media enterprise. Additionally, we have technical support, writing capability, and graphics expertise to set you above your opponents and conquer your ideological enemies.

We are bulldogs for righteous causes, and aren’t afriad to admit it. We have a very particular set of skills and will use them to give you the edge.

We offer confidential consulting for the following…
  • Public Figures
  • Political Candidates
  • Activist Campaigns
  • Alternative Media
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