Republicans Who Opposed Protecting Montana Kids from Sexual Mutilation Will Be Challenged

We are gravely disappointed at the failure of HB113, which would have prevented Montana children from being sexually mutilated by their parents and physicians. Even before most of these children come to sexual maturity, their parents – many signaling their virtue for tolerating bizarrely unscientific and radically dangerous political ideas about gender – can decide to have a physician remove their sexual organs, bind their chests or provide double mastectomies, or to inject them with harmful hormone blockers that are often known to cause mental illness and increase the risk of suicide.

Scientifically, a person cannot change their gender.

Medically, sex cannot be changed by plastic surgery.

There is no such thing as being “transgender” because gender has never been transitioned in the history of mankind. The notion is spurious, and intellectual people and sentient creatures should be offended at such an attack on logic and reason.

Sixteen Republicans voted with Democrats to allow kids to be mutilated by their parents and doctor. These include:

  • Marta Bertoglio (R-HD75)
  • Ed Buttrey (R-HD21)
  • Geradline Custer (R-HD39)
  • Ross Fitzgerald (R-HD17)
  • Frank Garner (R-HD7)
  • Gregory Frazer (R-HD78)
  • Kenneth Holmulnd (R-HD38)
  • Mike Hopkins (R-HD72)
  • Casey Knudsen (R-HD33)
  • Denley Loge (R-HD14)
  • Brian Putnam (R-HD9)
  • Mallerie Stromswold (R-HD50)
  • Sue Vinton (R-HD56)
  • Kathy Witman (R-HD96)
  • Kenneth Walsh (R-HD71)
  • Tom Welch (R-HD72)
  • Wendy McKamey (R-HD19)
  • Bill Mercer (R-HD46)

The Big Sky Public Policy Institute will be providing resources necessary to help primary these amoral leaders who refuse to protect the most vulnerable people in our society from abuse, mutilation, and forced sterilization. We have already commenced a letter-writing campaign to local newspapers in their districts and will allocate funds to help whatever primary opponent seeks to challenge them in the fall.

In addition, the Institute will pay special attention to both Sue Vinton and Casey Knudsen, who are the most notable and surprising opponents of HB113. Mailers will be sent to their constituents, informing them of the perversity and child abuse approved by them through today’s vote.

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