Mallerie Stromswold to Receive “Freshman RINO of 2021 Award”

[Big Sky Public Policy Institute] Each year in the Montana legislature, our state’s fine residents sit on the edge of their seat to see which state legislators will keep their word to their constituents and abide by the values and the platform of their party ticket. Roughly a third of Republican legislators are there under false pretenses, a part of Llew Jones (“R” – Conrad) Democrat Crossover Caucus, “Republicans” who regularly vote with Democrats.

Sometimes, who is and is not a RINO isn’t a surprise. When someone like Geraldine Custer wins election, her constituents know for sure that she’ll vote with the opposite party from what is by her name on the ballot. But with freshman legislators, it’s especially hard to know ahead of time who will side with the RINO Republicans and who will side with the real Republicans.

For that purpose, the Big Sky Public Policy Institute awards the “FRESHMAN RINO AWARD” and this year it goes to Rep. Mallerie Stromswold (pictured below).

Rep. Stromswold is the youngest legislator in Helena, and the Gen Z representative seems to be a child of her age. Claiming that “young people” wouldn’t understand her vote against mutiliating kids’ genitals and letting boys beat up girls, Stromswold has thrown her opposition at HB112 and HB113.

HB112 is a pro-woman bill, and would prevent men from being allowed to beat up women in wrestling matches and sparing tournaments or to use their superior physical power (that’s science) to compete against women in racing or other forms of athletics competitions. Almost without fail, such boys/men excel to dominate their competitions while young ladies are kept from winning a women’s sporting event even though they have rightly earned it.

HB113 is a pro-child bill, and prevents insanely unethical physicians from injecting kids with hormone-blockers or mutilating their genitals.

Stromswold told the press, “My whole political ideology lays with the fact that I don’t think we should control people’s lives.”

Of course, there are already rules that have been existent since at least 1973 that forbid males from competing in female sports. All Rep. Stromswold would have to do was admit that science is, in fact, real and that boys are not girls because they think they are.

For some reason, the recent high school graduate is bad at science, medicine, and human biology.

Stromwold went on, “I really just don’t understand why people are so threatened by other people’s decisions that they feel the need to control them.”

We would suggest Ms. Stromswold to be placed into an octagon or wrestling ring with a 6 food, 200lb mentally-ill “transexual” and see if she does not feel threatened.

Stromswold said confidentially, “This decision isn’t hurting us in any way.”

This last statement betrays Ms. Stromswold’s lack of research on the topic. Thousands of girls around the country have been hurt by being forced upon an unlevel playing field to compete against boys. In some cases, they have lost scholarships to boys. In some cases, they have been man-handled, rough-handed, and beat up by physically dominate men. And in some cases, young girls have lost opportunities to play at all, when a boy wins their spot on the team rather than them.

So then, Ms. Stromswold will be mailed the RINO Statue. But don’t worry, it also comes with a cash prize!

One thousand dollars has been designated to ensuring Ms. Stromswold will have an uphill primary in 2022, given in dedication to the countless female athletes who have been abused and disenfranchised by men pretending to be women.

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