HB112 and HB113: Protecting Kids From “Transgender” Myth is Necessary

HB112 and HB113, both sponsored by Rep. John Fuller (R-Kalispell), are attempts at protecting children from the dark and seedy underbelly of anti-science gender mythology and are necessary provisions to be added to Montana law.

HB112 will protect young girls from being put into the octagon, wrestling ring, or track with men who are pretending to be women. Likewise, it will protect boys from having to dishonor themselves by competing against mentally-ill girls, who they should be protecting and treating honorably.

HB113 will protect both boys and girls from being mutilated by their physicians, in the event they suffer from gender dysphoria, a mental illness that makes someone believe they are the wrong gender.

Montana’s policies should reflect science, medicine, and objective reality. And there is nothing about the notion of “transgenderism” that accords with science, medicine, or objective reality.

In short, “transgenderism” does not exist. No one in the history of the world has transitioned their gender. Should a man remove his penis, he does not magically become a woman; he becomes an emasculated man. Should a woman add to herself tissue sculpted like a penis, she does not magically become a man; she becomes a deformed woman.

When our state policies reflect pseudo-science mythology, like the notion that transitioning gender is medically possible, we are succumbing to a religious superstition of the far-left. And ultimately, opposition to gender mythology is not based upon the Bible, but upon science.

The Montana legislature should pass HB112 and HB113 in order to protect Montana children from the advance of bizarre fads that seek to distort reality and bend truth to fit the mold of out-of-state liberal ideas. Too many Montana children have been raised on the farm and ranch to believe that maleness and femaleness can change based upon someone’s overactive imagination or mental health problems.

Should adults desire to emasculate or deform themselves, it is a matter of their own conscience. However, subjecting children to ideas hostile to biological science is beneath the Big Sky State, which is ordinarily grounded in objective realities rather than liberal fairy tales.

Please protect our children and side with the side of science, and support HB112 and HB113 as pro-science alternatives to fundamentally bad ideas.

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